"No pain, no gain... but if you experience pain, ensure you really gain"

Steve could be considered a polymathic personality, with experience and expertise in a wide variety of disciplines and professions.

Founder and Chief Instructor of Legion Training Systems; an exercise and nutritional system that involves intense physical exercise and adhering to a specific nutritional regiment that leads to a very elite level of fitness. Besides himself, Legion is taught by certified LegionFit Instructors from California to Kentucky and beyond.  The Legion system is the basis of all he teaches.

Steve and Legion have been officially commended by the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Air Force. He is committed to getting people in the best shape of their lives. The training style has evolved from a deep background of fitness, martial arts, climbing and alpinism which has allowed him to develop some of the most fun and undoubtedly the most challenging training system available anywhere. He has trained world class athletes, climbers, mountaineers, Marines, Army personnel, Guardsmen, Air Force personnel, Emergency Response personnel, SWAT Team members, regular Law Enforcement and much more. The developer of the LegionFit program, Legion Warrior PT (for military and Law Enforcement) and the for charity program Legion Rogue Warrior workout series, he has attempted to put the best of military training methods, rock and alpine training and training for extreme sports together for Legion Training Systems, the toughest but most effective workouts available.

A fitness instructor; 30 years experience as an athlete, trainer and instructor. Experience training military, law enforcement, professionals and civilians in group and individual settings.  Expertise in body-weight only exercise, kettlebells, traditional weights and more. The work has produced many success stories, including an Honor Marine in Recon training.  Steve trains individuals all over North America.

A defensive tactics instructor; With deep training in reality-based self-defense and many years of traditional martial arts, he puts this knowledge together and trains people in Legion Personal Defense, a system dedicated to simulating real-world scenarios and techniques to protect yourself and your team or family.

An author; “Working Stiff Fit”, his first work about how all of us working stiffs can reach an elite level of fitness and maintain it throughout our lives is available for purchase from Barnes & Noble here. He has also written many articles in the technology sector with examples here and here).

A TV and Radio Personality; Steve has been on television many times discussing fitness and nutrition, primarily on WLEX-TV. He also was an on-air sports broadcaster for WKCA radio for years doing play-by-play and color calling basketball, football and baseball at the high school level.

A Fight Choreographer and Actor; Steve has acted in feature films including Mercy Rule and Eidolons (where is was also the fight choreographer). Other work includes short films including Decent Men, The Decision (a million views on YouTube) and Vinita. TV appearances include Killer Kids – Freeman Brothers.

Emergency Medical Professional; Steve is a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Further, he holds certifications in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) and Phlebotomy (in order to take blood samples primarily for health and fitness analysis). He has worked on ambulances and in the field and uses this expertise to keep his trainees safe in the extreme workouts that Legion often produces.

Extreme Athlete; Steve is an experienced mountaineer with climbs of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, Mt. Shuksan, Mt. Whitney, Grand Teton, many others. He is Crevasse Rescue Trained. He is also an extremely experienced rock climber with climbs all over the USA including Red River Gorge, New River Gorge, Seneca Rocks and many others. He is a Certified Open Water Diver, and has tried his hand at hang gliding (holds a patent on a hang gliding safety device), skydiving, kayaking (white water, Everglades, etc.) and much more. Finally, he is a very experienced Mountain and Trail Guide all over the USA and currently guides in the Santa Monica Mountains in CA.

Businessman, technologist; he has created products like WhaleMail,  HydraLinks,  PreFound and much more. He also licensed technology to a number of companies, including companies like (see here).  With the many companies he formed over the years, he has been profiled on ABC News, quoted in publications like the New York TimesUSA TodayWall Street Journal and many other publications.

Inventor/Creator; Steve has created new technologies and designs in a variety of disciplines over the years. He holds a number patents in the world of technology, see here, here, here and here. As an extreme athlete, he even holds a patent on a Hang Gliding Safety Device.

Steve brings all the experience to bear in training you to be the most fit and healthy person you can be. It is not for everyone, but if you’re ready to train and you qualify, he is ready to work with you.