Private Hiking-Old Friends 2018

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New for 2018, LegionChief is offering:

- Private – Weekend Only – Elite Experience – High Challenge Hiking – 2x per month in all of 2018.


- Hikes are totally customizable, remember, it is your private hiking experience.
- Hike in Malibu area in the Santa Monica range or in Orange County in the San Joaquin Hills.
- Hike with Steve Mansfield and some old friends you’ve likely hiked with before, including Justin Cowden, Craig Balcom, and more.
- Guided Meditation at AirStream on the beach, light breakfast, ice cold trail smoothies at halfway point, regenerative stretch and coconut water back on the beach at end point.


airstream budo_hike

The Why:

- Hike with Steve, a mountain and trail guide with experience guiding all over the USA including the Appalachian Trail in multiple states, the Pacific Crest trail in multiple states, the Red River Gorge, the New River Gorge, the Shawagunks, Seneca Rocks area, etc., with ascents of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Skuksan, Mt. Baker, Mt. Whitney and many others. For your further safety on trail Steve is an EMT, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, PHTLS Medic.
- Hike and practice with guides like Craig, the highest rated Yin Yoga Instructor in the USA and/or Justin, a guest elite experience expert and accomplished trail guide, among many others.

Typical Day:

- Meet at Airstream on the beach (6+ hikers only)
- Sunrise Meditation
- Light Healthy Snack
- 6 to 8 miles on trail
- Break and cold beverages
- Long haul hiking training (moving up/down grades)
- 6 to 8 more miles on trail
- End at the Airstream on the beach
- Restorative Yoga/Stretch on the beach

The Details:

- Hike any weekend in 2018 with Steve, along with other old hand trail guides including Justin Cowden, Craig Balcom and many more (which guides will be on trail will vary from date to date).
- Hikes start and end at the beach. Usually at an AirStream camper (6 or more hikers). Start with Guided Meditation at sunrise, get a light breakfast, start hiking, ice cold smoothies available at mid-point break, back to the AirStream on the beach (when available) for stretching and coconut water.
- All hikes are High Challenge, between 12-16 miles, one Saturday and one Sunday, with a midpoint break. Go at your own speed, a guide will always be in the lead and in the rear.
- All hikes are completely customizable based on you and your private party’s preferences. It is “your” hike(s). Shorter, longer, easier, harder, it is your call. Want to do a “bonus round”? Maybe the Sand Hill on the Malibu Cliffs? Just let us know.
- Learn the techniques of long haul hiking, including how to walk uphill with less effort, how to walk downhill with speed, less effort, less pressure on the knees, ankles and hips, learn how to use hiking poles correctly, learn how to walk with more efficiency and ease on hard ground, rocky ground, mud and snow.
- The hiking is in the Malibu area of the Santa Monica range, or in the Orange County San Joaquin hills, per the guest choice. If you’ve done the Santa Monica’s, we highly recommend changing it up and doing the SJH. Attendees will be given explicit directions on how to get to the starting site.
- The hikes run roughly from sunrise around 7am to 1pm -3pm local time (there will be breaks for hydration and snacks).
- The hikes will be physically and mentally challenging, but also fun and informative.
- Attendees must provide their own transportation to and from the start/end site, living accommodations for the weekend, food and snacks (energy producing snacks are highly recommended). Food and water will be provided as previously outlined.
- All safety precautions will be in place, Steve is an EMT along with being Head Guide, and your safety is paramount.
- Wear appropriate outdoor hiking clothing. You will spend time in the sun. Indoor gym clothing is not recommended. The best footwear to utilize are trail running-type shoes. Hiking boots are often too heavy for SoCal hiking. The ground is usually hard, not muddy or snowy. Note that you may be required to sit, kneel, etc. on the ground outdoors. Camelbaks or other hydration systems are recommended, but suit yourself.

The Hiking:

- Saturdays and Sundays
- Cost for the weekend: 2 Hikers = $650/per hiker, if 4 Hikers, then $550/per hiker, if 6 or more hikers, then $450/per hiker
- Where: Malibu or Laguna, CA

- When (all 2018 dates):
—-Jan. 13 – 14 and 27-28
—-Feb. 3-4 and 17-18
—-Mar. 3-4 and 17-18
—-April 7-8 and 21-22
—-May 12-13 and 26-27
—-June 9-10 and 23-24
—-July 14-15 and 28-29
—-Aug. 11-12 and 25-26
—-Sept. 8-9 and 22-23
—-Oct 13-14 and 27-28
—-Nov. 10-11 and 17-18
—-Dec. 1-2 and 8-19

How to sign up:

- Pick the date(s) you and/or your group would like to attend. Remember, it takes at least 2 hikers to hold a weekend.
- Pay the Deposit ($325) online here, 30 days or more prior to your weekend dates.
- Once you are on the payment page, you will see a “Optional Note” Field. In that Field simply type your name, email address and the hike start date you will be attending. If paying for multiple attendees, put all their names in the field. You will be contacted via email to confirm and set location preferences.
- Pay the Remainder of the Cost ten (10) days or more days prior to the hiking date here.
- That’s it. Email here with any questions.

We are looking forward to hiking with you in 2018!


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