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A small sampling:

“I am writing to give my personal endorsement for Steve Mansfield and his Legion Warrior PT system. In 2010, I began training with Steve in preparation for attending the Basic Reconnaissance Course in Camp Pendleton, CA. The Legion Warrior PT system made n invaluable impact on my physical strength, flexibility ¬†and cardio vascular endurance.

I believe that Steve’s approach produces exactly the kind of well-rounded, functional fitness results the Marine Corps has shifted its focus towards through the Combat Fitness Test.

I attribute a great deal of my personal success at not only completing the Basic Reconnaissance Course but also being selected as the class honor graduate for BRC Class 7-10 to the Legion Warrior PT System.

The Legion Warrior PT system works and I continue to rely upon this system to stay in top physical condition and to help me prepare for my follow on training…”
SSgt Wade Wilson, USMC

“I’m glad the Marines helped me find Legion training. There’s no way I could survive things like the Confidence Course without getting in shape first. Coming to Legion helped A LOT. Thank you for all your help…”
Andrew, USMC Parris Island, SC

“I just wanted to say “thank you!”. I’m not sure if you heard but I got a 262 on my final PT Test! And that’s something I’m positive I would not have been able to do had it not been for Legion… [My performance] had everything to do with Legion. It prepared me physically for what I was going to be put through in Basic Training…”
Holly, U.S. Army National Guard

“I received an interested call from my doctor this morning. He called to tell me to stop taking my diabetes medication completely. This is big news for me and my doctor and I have both come to the conclusion that this change in my health is a direct result of your efforts with Legion Training…
I’ll give you a little background to help better explain the significance of this for me. At age 15 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. After having surgery to remove my thyroid glad and undergoing treatment for several months the cancer was completely out of my system. However, within a year, I was diagnosed with diabetes… So for the last 15 years I have been taking medication to control my diabetes along with thyroid supplement medication. My dosages have always been on the high side and the doctors for the last 10 years have told me it is only a matter of time until I need to start with the insulin injections. So it was to my surprise that my doctor told me after a blood test 6 weeks ago to lower my dose. It came as an even bigger surprise from him now to tell me to go off of the diabetes medication all together.

It is no coincidence that this all happened after I started working out at Legion back in October. I have worked out at other places in the past and was very involved in athletics in high school. However, none of those “other places” provided a level of fitness and health that Legion does. Never during the course of working out at the other places had I ever had a call from my doctor telling me to lower my dosage little lone to stop taking it. I called my parents after receiving the phone call to let them know the good news and they were brought to tears as my health has been such a huge concern for them for so many years.

I guess this is just a long way for me to say thanks! Thank you for your vision of what fitness should be about. Thank you for efforts on putting that vision to work. Most importantly, thank you for your dedication to improving the lives of so many!
Thank You!”
Scott, Lexington, KY (formally with the Lexington Legends Baseball Club)


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