Who We Are


LegionChief is the premier training program for individuals and groups that depend on their fitness level for their safety, job security and/or specific mission needs. If that describes you, drop us an email and we will show you how to get started.


If you are a member of the military or law enforcement (Federal or local), or you are attempting to join up and need specialized fitness training, LegionChief is your source. If you or your group are attempting to pass specific PFT's, or you are attempting to join elite units, LegionChief can help. Drop us an email for military and LE recommendation letters, commendations, etc. Fitness or Defensive Tactics are offered.


LegionChief specializes in training elite athletes, mountaineers, climbers, endurance athletes, etc., to reach their goals and/or complete their missions. If you have a special need, drop us an email and we'll get started.


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LegionChief also offers guided climbs and hikes all over the USA. Contact us for more details